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We believe that God has called us to serve and live life together. Find out how you can join us below!



So many men in our society are experiencing isolation, loneliness, and real lack of encouragement. That's why men in our church get together to talk about life, pray for one another, the Bible, and be accountable for each other. Sometimes we do that at the church building and other times we grab dinner together, so email pastor or check the Facebook page for details.


We believe that we are transformed by the Word of God when we read and study the Scriptures. What better way to do that than in community?! The women in our church get together Tuesday mornings at 11am to: study, pray, and encourage one another. Hope you'll consider joining!



We are trying to build an active ministry partnership with Athletes in Action on Wilmington College's Campus. It is our desire to be a part of reaching and training up new disciples for Christ. The campus is a few blocks from our church building and we have several members who live on College Street. We believe that action and opportunity results from prayer and by allowing God to lead us.


If you have a heart for the homeless and the poor, this is a great opportunity for you! We prepare and help pass out meals to those at Your Father's Kitchen in Wilmington through Sugartree Ministries. We've signed up to serve every other month on the 4th Saturday. Show up at 11:45am and help pass out food and be a light to those in need for an hour or two.


- Jan 28th, 2024  -  11:45am

- Mar 24th, 2024   -  11:45am

- May 26th, 2024   -  11:45am

- July 28th, 2024   -  11:45am

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We are a small congregation and we all have a responsibility for caring for the wonderful facilities that God has given us! Come help us clean but not before you enjoy some coffee and breakfast/snack goodies that Pastor Nick  brings for everyone!


- Jan 6th, 2024  -  9:30am

- Feb 3rd, 2024  -  9:30am

- Mar 2nd, 2024   -   9:30am

- Apr 6th, 2024  -  9:30am

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